CEO's Message

H.E. Mohamed Al Khadar Al Ahmed
Chief Executive Officer

As Abu Dhabi has grown, so has ZonesCorp and the industrial cities under its supervision, which have evolved into a core contributor to the manufacturing GDP of the Emirate and the diversification of the economy of Abu Dhabi.

Since inception in 2004, ZonesCorp has attracted over AED70billion in major industrial projects most notably the Industrial Cities of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, as well as 40 industrial workers residential cities. All these investments combined cover an area of 49 square kilometers.

The plan is to enhance this growth with a number of strategically positioned developments across the Emirate. Construction has begun on a new state of the art logistics park which will be connected to a maritime hub. Planning is also underway for the construction of new industrial cities in Al Gharbia and new residential cities for workers.

One of ZonesCorp most exciting developments is a world class integrated Auto Hub called ‘RAHAYEL’ following a mandate by the Abu Dhabi Government to implement strategic plans to improve the automotive industry in the Emirate. Designed in collaboration with leading industry specialists, the Autocity Development Plan will create a fully integrated Auto hub from production to shopping and service for customers.

ZonesCorp is committed to diversifying and building new areas of growth within its economic zones particularly in fields of Biotech, Agriculture, F&B and SMEs. We firmly believe that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the engines of economic growth and a vital contributor to the UAE’s Gross Domestic Product. ZonesCorp is actively supporting the growth of SMEs and has heavily invested in two initiatives to support SME growth; the first is to provide a large number of ready built factory units and the second is to provide plots for SME’s to develop their own operations.

Our commitment to the environment, our employees’ health and safety, and developing healthy and productive communities remains of central importance. ZonesCorp has demonstrated its on-going commitment to internationally recognised best practices through ISO and OHSAS certification across all of its zones. Using these standards provides a framework that helps to consistently identify and control health and safety and environmental risks as well as provide assurance and comfort to company management, employees and external stakeholders alike that impact of ZonesCorp activities is being measured and improved and that demonstrably sound occupational health and safety standards are being adhered to.


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