Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The authorities in Abu Dhabi work together to both define and implement laws that relate to health, safety and environmental awareness and security.

ZonesCorp is committed to act in accordance with every law and adherence to international best practice.

Additionally, we have also implemented our specific measures and safeguards in order to protect people, products and places such as:

  • Prudent mix of land use
  • Use and optimisation of locally sourced materials
  • Active response to climate change
  • Smart waste management
  • Effective transportation
  • Conservation and recycling of water and energy

Responsible Governance

Our environments have been planned and created to produce the optimum plot spaces for all sectors, which are strictly free of potential hazards that could result in accident, illness or injury to persons working at the site.

Each zone features a set of standards put in place to minimise environmental impact and to preserve the pre-existing natural heritage. As well as state-of-the-art waste disposal facilities, we have also established a process to conserve and recycle water and energy.

Community Outreach

In recent years, our teams have been dedicated to developing programmes for increased worker comfort. By combining awareness and education of their civil, human and social rights, these cover different issues including work and rest hours, claims for overtime and leisure activities.

ZonesCorp is also actively engaged in the nationalisation programme of the UAE, through the effective integration of Emiratis into our workforce.


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