Abu Dhabi - The Growth Capital

Situated on the northeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula, Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and the largest of the seven Emirates. Constituting over 85 per cent of the country’s total land area, Abu Dhabi has a population of more than 2 million. Abu Dhabi holds nine per cent of the world’s oil reserves and five per cent of gas reserves.

Abu Dhabi enjoys an enviable position at the cross roads between the two great trading blocks of Europe and Asia, whilst situated at the heart of one of the world’s fastest developing regions (MENA Region). It is strategically located to benefit from the growth in world trade.

Despite Abu Dhabi’s capital wealth, the government has always strongly supported a long term plan of industrial growth diversification. The government’s investment in infrastructure has been particularly impressive – not only in the economic zones operated by ZonesCorp – but also in transportation infrastructure across the Emirate necessary to bring in feedstock and other goods to the market.

Abu Dhabi offers its cosmopolitan population the opportunity to pursue an attractive lifestyle. With all the amenities and conveniences of modern living, the Emirate is a destination of choice for people from all around the globe.

Driven by its long term vision for economic growth and diversification, Abu Dhabi empowers industry through its:

  • Conducive business environment with investor-friendly regulations and responsible governance
  • Extensive access to developing markets
  • Easy global connectivity through more than 200 air routes, 150 shipping lanes and a 1,200 kilometre railway network
  • Tax-free environment and high quality of life which attract quality staff, and create attractive work environments
  • Modern and stable economy with a favourable fiscal regime

“Abu Dhabi’s strong commitment to intellectual property protection, its investor-friendly regulations, and the strategic partnership opportunities with public hospitals and world-class universities have been key pillars in our drug discovery and development programmes.

The great quality of life offered in the Emirate, coupled with its global connectivity has enabled our group to successfully use Abu Dhabi as a base to execute our growth strategies for the Middle East, Africa and South Asia markets.”

Dr. B.R. Shetty Managing Director and CEO Neopharma

“The level of support we received from ZonesCorp played a key role in our ability to complete and commission our factory on time and on budget. Additionally, readily available serviced land, utilities and a modern quality distribution network to accommodate Emirates Steel’s requirements have been imperative to our capacity expansion and success.
ZonesCorp has become an important partner for Emirates Steel and a cornerstone to the company’s growth strategy and future expansion.”

Eng. Saeed Ghumran Al Romaithi, CEO-Emirates Steel Industries (ESI)


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