Workers' Residential Cities

A major attraction within our zones is the provision of high quality accommodation for industrial & economic activities workers and construction workers which have been built as per international specifications compliant with the standards of both the United Nations and Human Rights. 

undefinedThe satisfaction of our tenants is of paramount importance to us. As you plan the requisite workforce to strengthen and grow your operations, we support you by providing safe and decent housing for your growing teams. In an environmentally-friendly approach, that also minimises both time and money spent on commuting, housing units are located in close proximity to workplaces within our zones. 

In addition to providing accommodation in various categories, careful thought has gone into ensuring the comfort and welfare of residents, with the provision of facilities catering to everyday basic needs. Some of these amenities include supermarkets, money exchange centres, restaurants, mosques, parks, pharmacies, vending machines, and connectivity to public transport. Other locations include more customised facilities such as stores, shopping malls and medical centres. All residential buildings are equipped with round-the-clock security services.

There are currently 30 Residential Cities in Abu Dhabi, spread across Mussaffah, Mafraq, Razeen, Hameem, Al Ain and Al Gharbia.

Industrial City of Abu Dhabi

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Al Ain Industrial City

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