Supplier Registration

New Supplier Registration

  • Registering with Zonescorp will allow you to list the products and services your company provides, and this will allow us to consider you in our future tenders.
  • Once registered, you will be contacted to participate in future tenders subject to Zonescorp tendering committee decision.
  • Zonescorp does not guarantee an invitation to participate in tender opportunities.

If you would like to register, please download and read the New Supplier Registration Guide which will take you through the process.

Registered Suppliers

What can you do through Zonescorp Supplier Portal?

  • Regularly update your company profile.
  • Respond to prequalifications (RFIs) and tenders (RFPs & RFQs).
  • Create and submit invoices.

To ensure your participation in our tenders, we strongly recommend that you update your company profile on regular basis.