ZonesCorp Organizes Educational Lectures on Diabetes and Healthy Nutrition

May 31, 2017

HE Saeed Eisa Al Khyeli, Director General of ZonesCorp commented: “ZonesCorp values the health of all its employees and is working hard to promote healthy lifestyles within the organisation. He added: Health and wellbeing have a significant effect on productivity of any organisation; these lectures are designed to educate ZonesCorp employees on the long term benefits of adopting healthy lifestyles. ”

The first lecture was presented by dietitian Sheikha Al-Zahmi who addressed the topic of healthy eating habits. She discussed the importance of eating balanced meals that contain lots of proteins, fruits and vegetables and to avoid overeating fatty substances, sweets and fried food; she also highlighted the importance of drinking plenty of water each day.

The lecture focused on the importance of following healthy diets during the holy month of Ramadan. She emphasised that whilst Ramadan is a good opportunity to lose excess weight, it is also important to eat a balanced meal that contains all the nutrients needed by the human body on a daily basis. She also warned about the dangers of following non-scientific or ‘fake’ diet programs, which are promoted during Ramadan and other months as they could be damaging to ones health.

The second lecture was given by Mr. Shaker Sulaiman, a nutritionist at Al Mafraq Hospital, on the prevention of Diabetes, one of the biggest health concerns facing the Nation at the moment. Mr Sulaiman highlighted the rising prevalence of diabetes as a result of contemporary lifestyles which has seen people exercise less and increase their consumption of fast food.