Indian Ambassador Visits Workers Villages in Mussafah

March 22, 2017

the Indian Ambassador, Mr Navdeep Singh Suri and First Secretary, Mr Dinesh Kumar accompanied the Director General of ZonesCorp, HE Saeed Eisa Al Khyeli on a tour of two workers residential cites in Mussafah, and the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD II). The delegation visited Workers Village and ICAD Residential City (IRC). During the tour the group visited the living quarters and extensive catering facilities.

Following the tours the Ambassador Suri addressed a large group of Indian workers, First Secretary Kumar also highlighted the how the Indian Resource Centre provides support on personal issues, legal advice, emigrant issues and financial advice was available for the Indian community working in the capital. The Ambassador and First Secretary then met personally with many of the workers to hear about their experiences.

Mr Navdeep Singh Suri, Indian Ambassador to the UAE said: I am extremely impressed with the facilities here, a lot of thought has gone into the construction and management of the two residential complexes. I also am very encouraged by how professional the teams managing complexes are and they are to be commended for the high standards being maintained throughout. India and UAE relations are stronger than ever, Indian workers have play an important role in helping to build this wonderful country and Indian workers are depending on the salaries they make in the UAE. We look forward to our continued dialogue to ensure it continues to be a ‘win-win’ for both countries

HE Saeed Eisa Al Khyeli, Director General of ZonesCorp commented:“We maintain the highest standards at ZonesCorp.In line with the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 we want to help build a sustainable and globally integrated industrial manufacturing sector in Abu Dhabi and therefore we need to ensure that all workers who are a key part of this are protected. As the supervisory body for Worker Residential Cities in the industrial zones it is crucial to ensure that we find reliable partners who will manage the cities safely, responsibly and to the highest standards.

Both housing projects feature the best standards in line with the cultural industrial and economic development of the UAE. In coordination with ZonesCorp management, and were built upon Abu Dhabi Government’s vision to develop a highly sustainable community for skilled and productive workers.

Workers Village is composed of 43 multiple floor buildings, with a capacity of 25,000 people and built in accordance with the highest international standards to host a workforce of different categories. The project’s features integrated modern facilities offering a large range of amenities such as catering, recreation centres, sports complex, healthcare and many more, that provide its residents with an ideal standard of living.

Similarly ICAD Residential City is a residential city located in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi and covers an area of 1,000,000 square meters, and offers a comprehensive range of amenities recreational and business to complement the residential area. The City aims to provide a cosy and safe living environment by bringing the comfort of a home to the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi. Creatively designed and well-maintained with ready amenities and 24 hour security, the ICAD Residential City offers a variety of housing options with different sizes, layouts and designs