Move to ensure food security in emergencies

April 20, 2015

Food Security Centre Abu Dhabi and ZonesCorp sign agreement

Food Security Centre Abu Dhabi has signed a cooperation agreement with the Higher Corporation for Specialised Economic Zones (ZonesCorp) to maintain food security in the event of a potential emergency. The two parties will work in close cooperation to create effective mechanisms for the distribution of strategic food stocks to labour accommodation areas supervised by ZonesCorp, using existing infrastructure and logistics services to ensure the safe arrival of food.

The agreement was signed by Mohammed Ahmed Al Bowardi, Chairman of Food Security Centre, and Ali Majid Al Mansouri, Chairman of ZonesCorp.

Al Bowardi said, “This agreement is an important step in implementing our food security strategy and ensuring food reaches all segments of society, particularly the hundreds of thousands of workers who handle the management and operation of the various industrial and economic installations in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.”

He added, “We have sought this partnership with ZonesCorp due to the size of the labour areas that fall under its supervision. The aim of the agreement is to ensure the effective management of food stores and allocation and distribution of strategic food reserves during a potential emergency situation.”

“Our goal is to work closely with all institutions that play a role in achieving food security and contribute to the welfare of society. The role of Food Security Centre is to oversee the creation and management of strategic food stocks in cooperation with the private sector, as well as the development of emergency and crisis plans with the relevant authorities.”

Al Mansouri welcomed the cooperation between the two parties saying, “We are pleased to be working with the Food Security Centre to help achieve food security policies and ensure safe access to food for all citizens and residents. Food security is a key part of our commitment to provide the best possible environment for workers in the industrial zones and housing campuses.”

Saeed Eisa Al Khyeli, Acting Chief Executive of ZonesCorp, said, “The signing of this agreement is a result of Abu Dhabi Government directives to enhance cooperation between the various governmental bodies. The Federal Supreme Council aims to create economic diversification in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi through the operation, management and supervision of economic activities that create diverse, non-oil income sources.”

Chief Operation Officer for the Workers Residential Cities, Khadem Al Muhairi, said, “ZonesCorp currently supervises 30 cities which accommodate approximately 450,000 workers, who, according to studies, benefit from some of the best residential complexes in the region. Having said that, we are continually striving to improve the health and security of workers in cooperation with various institutions, government and private bodies in Abu Dhabi.”

According to the terms of the agreement the two parties will seek to build on their strategic partnership, through the design and implementation of strategic food security initiatives in specialised economic zones that ensure the continuation of the food supply and the distribution of strategic reserves of food in the workers’ residential cities during potential emergencies.