ZonesCorp conducts extensive fire and chemical leakage safety drills

July 13, 2015

As part of its ongoing efforts to provide the highest levels of safety and security for all the workers, factories and facilities located in its industrial cities, ZonesCorp conducted recently extensive fire and chemical leakage drills at Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD)’s Gulf Fluor facilities, in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense and Abu Dhabi Public Safety and Emergency Services. The aim of this exercise was to test its safety systems against emergency events, and train and explain safety procedures for all staff and workers.

This is part of a wider Zonescorp initiative across the industrial facilities in Abu Dhabi to conduct extensive safety exercises for all the plants to measure the readiness of each entity internally in terms of equipment, emergency plans, and command & control teams.

The coaching staff at Zonescorp coordinated with departments within the Ministry of Interior, including Abu Dhabi Civil Defense and Abu Dhabi Public Safety and Emergency Services – AD Police to implement the drills efficiently and help manage all phases of the exercise both in terms of fire or injuries.

The ‘test scenario’ used during the exercise involved a fire caused by a chemical reaction as a result of a chemical spill. The staff at the factory immediately implemented fire-fighting procedures using equipment available at the factory. During the scenario the fire spreads out of control at which point safety officials at Gulf Fluor factory activate the emergency alarm, begin the evacuation process and inform Abu Dhabi Civil Defense and Zonescorp about the incident. In the scenario the situation is then brought under control with the arrival of the civil defense, rapid intervention teams, ambulance, police and departments within the Ministry of Interior for dealing with hazardous materials who take control of the all the drill process.

HE Saeed Issa Al Khaili, Acting Chief Executive Officer offered his appreciation on behalf of Zonescorp to all Ministry of Interior departments (Abu Dhabi Civil Defense and Abu Dhabi Public Safety and Emergency Services, police and ambulance) for their close cooperation in making this exercise a huge success. He also mentioned that this is part of an ongoing programme of safety exercises that are being carried out across similar industrial facilities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. These exercises are vital to ensuring that industrial areas operate to the highest possible safety standards and to safeguard Abu Dhabi’s industrial assets. His Excellency also thanked the management of Gulf Fluor factory for their cooperation in helping to ensure the success of this exercise.

And he added “Zonesecorp in collaboration with various departments of the Ministry of Interior and sub-departments in the industrial areas will continue to conduct similar drills regularly in various Abu Dhabi and Al Ain industrial cities, to ensure all parties’ readiness in the event of an emergency or crisis situation. This will reflect positively on the industrial sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.