Government Partners

ZonesCorp takes great pride in its strong partner network and on-going working relationships with key government entities and organizations in the UAE.

DED (Department of Economic Development)

The Department of Economic Development is responsible for the regulation of commercial and economic affairs in Abu Dhabi, introducing policies and procedures designed to further galvanise the economy. Part of the DED’s remit is to continue to create the most attractive investment climate to foreign entities and their capital.


IDB (Industrial Development Bureau)

The Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) provides vital services for industrial investors in Abu Dhabi. These include industrial licensing, customs exemptions and health and safety services. The IDB serves as part of the industrial development mandate that will see the Emirate continue to establish itself within the global industrial sector.


Department of Municipalities And Transport

The Municipality strives to not only enhance the quality of life for the residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, but to ensure the sustainable development of the Emirate. The core vales of the municipality are to innovate, collaborate, be accountable and share knowledge, while offering the best customer service and employee development programs.


EAD (Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi)

The EAD facilitates and monitors sustainable development in the Emirate, protecting the biodiversity of the area, the air quality and the groundwater. The organization ensures that environmental considerations are never far from the top of the national agenda, an initiative that will secure prosperity and quality of life for generations to come.


Ministry of Labour

The Ministry of Labour is responsible for the provision of all relevant visas, implementation of labour laws and meeting the demands of national and international service requirements. The MOL consists of four main sectors; the Labour Sector, Inspection Sector, Policies and Strategies Sector, and Supporting Service Sector.


Abu Dhabi Civil Defense

The Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Directorate aims to establish the UAE as one of the safest countries in the world, playing a significant role in the development of a productive, developed, active and safe society. As the UAE continues to emerge on the global stage, the Civil Defence Directorate will continue to play a pivotal role in the country.


ADSSC (Abu Dhabi Sewerage Service Company)

The ADSSC treatment plants cover the whole of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region. As the municipalities have seen growth at a level way beyond original projections, the ADSSC has had to react swiftly in order to rehabilitate and further develop the sewage infrastructure to meet the huge current and future demands. The ADSSC recycles water for use on irrigation and horticulture.


ADDC (Abu Dhabi Distribution Company)

The Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC) has the responsibility for ensuring the highest quality of water and electricity services are provided to it residents in Abu Dhabi. At the core of its business and activities is the design, planning, construction an ongoing operation of the entire Abu Dhabi distribution network for both water and power.

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GASCO supplies gas to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi though its established distribution network and gas plants. The company takes great pride in being one of the most innovative businesses in its field, and places the highest priority on enhancing health and safety and environmental standards in the industry.


Customs (DOF – Customs Administration- Abu Dhabi)

The Customs Administration acts as an arm of the Abu Dhabi Department of Finance, and plays a pivotal role in the national economy of the UAE. The Customs Administration is responsible for all international commercial traffic, implementing security and any associated procedural requirements. It is the Customs Administration’s approach to their role that has contributed to make Abu Dhabi so appealing to international import/export trades.


Khalifa Fund

The Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development as helped develop local v=businesses in Abu Dhabi for eight years, and in that time has overseen investment to the tune of AED 2 billion. The Khalifa Fund is much more than a channel to raise capital though, and through its training and development schemes it has encouraged hundreds of young Emirati entrepreneurs to pursue their visions.



“Esaad” Card initiative was launched by Dubai Police on March 13, 2017, as a unique humanitarian community quality initiative, unique in its offerings, distinctive in its discounts, covering all sectors that cover the basic and desirable aspects of the cardholders’ lives. This initiative contributes to financial savings; in education, in health, in housing, in food catering, in restaurants, in amusement parks; in hotels, tourism, and travel; in shopping malls, and in everything that pertains to the family’s needs.