Al Jaber Group (AJC)

Sustainable growth and accessing new markets with ZonesCorp


Al Jaber Group (AJC) is a privately owned, diversified group of 42 companies headquartered in Abu Dhabi, focused on construction, infrastructure, oil and gas construction, logistics, industries and trading.

With a growing workforce of over 50,000 employees, Al Jaber Group has gone from strength to strength to achieve the status of market leader across the industries it operates in. AJC has had strong ties with the Abu Dhabi Government ever since the Group began in 1970 and has engineered and constructed over 7,000 km of Roads, more than 7,000 villas and landmark commercial buildings in the UAE including: Etihad Rail – Al Mafraq Interchange (Al Jaber Roads Division); Hidd Al Saadiyat – Al Raha Gardens (Al Jaber Building); Dubai Airport Concourse D, Dubai Marina Mall, Yas Water World (ALEC).

Through strategic diversification, controlled growth, and innovative investments, AJC has excelled under the visionary leadership of its founder, H.E. Obaid Khaleefa Al Jaber Al Marri, and expanded to become one of the largest diversified group of companies in the Middle East.
AJC has had a strong partnership with ZonesCorp ever since it began and has seven companies operating within the ZonesCorp Industrial Cities (ICADs). These companies operating in the ICADs have expanded dramatically thanks to the provision of additional space, high quality infrastructure and a strategic locations enabling us to increase production capacities, modernize and upgrade our manufacturing facilities, giving us the potential for growth, expansion and profitability.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar have historically been the principal markets for AJC’s business activities and the Group has also recently expanded into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Thanks to its diversified nature and its strategic location in Abu Dhabi, AJC also has exposure to export markets all over the world, particularly the GCC and the Far East.