From being the first pharmaceutical company with ZonesCorp, to being the number one pharmaceutical company in the UAE…


Neopharma is the premier pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Abu Dhabi. The company was one of the first established with ZonesCorp in 2003, and has since gone on to become a renowned pharmaceutical multinational, with huge export to the EU and beyond.

The production capacity at Neopharma’s pharmaceutical plant in Abu Dhabi has progressed significantly since 2003, when the target was to produce 180 million tablets, 30 million capsules, 45 million units of antibiotics and 45 different medicines totalling nine million oral doses.

Now, through significant expansion, the plant manufactures and produces over 300 varieties of drugs and medicines each with its own branding, supplying all the over-the-counter pharmacies of the entire UAE with their own-labelled products.

Neopharma currently produces an extensive range of drugs and medicines, which includes: anti-inflammatory, anti-infective, cardiovascular, arthritis and anti-diabetic medication, respiratory system drugs, gastrointestinal formulas, multi-vitamins and cough mixtures. The company benefits from an onsite Research & Development Centre, helping them to remain at the forefront of medical science within the Middle East.

As one of ZonesCorp’s first partners, it gives us immense pride to see the prosperity and success Neopharma has managed to achieve through collaboration, ambition and extremely hard work. It is the company’s ability perform in-depth market research, and to then introduce new, world-class products to market quickly which gives them the competitive edge in the UAE and the Middle East, and with huge plans for expansion in the pipeline, the sky is the limit for just how far Neopharma can go.

The company has also been awarded with the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for manufacturing, and the EU Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate, both awards lay testament to its manufacturing practices and eco-friendly pharmaceutical production.

The leadership and vision of Dr. B R Shetty, the MD and CEO of Neopharma, will see the company move into fields such as future healthcare, more biotech and nanotech, and even medical education in the coming years.