What We Offer

All our zones have been planned and developed to foster a cluster-based industrial ecosystem that creates synergies, enhances efficiency and nurtures growth. Further, each zone caters to specific needs and conditions for a wide range of sectors from steel and engineered metals to food and beverages. The attractive combination of our offerings – prime location, convenient services, low costs, scalable business models, and tax-free operations – have proven irresistible to several hundred manufacturers.

World-class Infrastructure

ZonesCorp Industrial zones are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, and offer central connections to major highways, airports, ports and rail networks.

Excellent Business Environment

Businesses operating from within our zones are able to benefit from some of the most favourable financial business conditions available anywhere in the world.

Administrative Efficiencies

ZonesCorp offers a comprehensive administration service targeted at simplifying the process of establishing a business within the UAE.

Strategic Locations

Situated just outside the main cities in the UAE, and in close proximity to the country’s infrastructure networks, ZonesCorp locations are positioned perfectly to allow for express connections to a host of global destinations.