Excellent Business Environment

Providing efficiencies for growth and competitive operating costs

ZonesCorp’s state of the art infrastructure solutions and its business friendly environment promote efficiency and help businesses operate at competitive costs. We have a broad range of plot sizes and configurations offered at competitive leasing rates.  A reliable supply of water, electricity and gas are critical requirements for all industries. We offer our investors an uninterrupted supply of these utilities at competitive market prices.

All products manufactured within our zones are granted duty-free access to the GCC and all countries signed up to the Greater Arab Free Trade Agreement. Furthermore companies and employees will benefit from, tax exemption on income, duty exemption on import of raw materials and free repatriation of profits.

Whilst we continuously look for ways to better enhance them operating costs in our zones are amongst the most competitive in the world.

  • Tax-free income with no restrictions on repatriation of profits
  • Import duty exemptions on machinery and raw materials
  • Tariff-free access to more than 22 countries across Asia, Europe and MENA
  • Competitive lease and utility rates
  • Grace Period

“Jindal has enjoyed an extremely rewarding and longstanding partnership with ZonesCorp, which has grown from strength to strength.

With its pro-business regulations, an open policy on attracting the world’s best talent, and one of the lowest utility prices in the world, set against the backdrop of a tax-free environment in one of the most exciting cities in the region, ZonesCorp has proven to be an ideal location for our industrial investment.”

Prithvi Raj Jindal – Vice Chairman, Jindal SAW Ltd.

World-class Infrastructure

Administrative Efficiencies

Strategic Locations