Strategic Locations

Bringing your markets closer

When it comes to the success and growth of any business, we know that location is important. Our Zones are strategically located throughout the Emirate of Abu Dhabi offering a combination of close proximity to transport links, residential areas, essential services and logistic facilities.

Being based in Abu Dhabi, you will discover that your customers are much closer than you thought possible. Abu Dhabi is within easy reach of many of the world’s population centres, with the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region alone constituting 400 million potential customers. This in turns brings our transportation infrastructure even closer to consumers.

  • There are four ports within an hour’s drive: The Mussaffah port; a 10 minute drive from our industrial cities in Abu, Zayed Port; on Abu Dhabi island is 20 minute drive, 40 minutes away is the region’s first semi-automated Khalifa Port; and the award winning Jebel Ali Port with weekly services to 140 ports is just one hour away.
  • Our zones also have access to two world class international airports in Abu Dhabi and another two in Dubai.
  • UAE’s 1200 km Etihad rail will link our industrial zones to ports, airports and other regional markets like Oman and Saudi Arabia.
  • Our excellent road network can easily connect you to the other regions of the Emirate, the Northern Emirates and most other Middle Eastern countries.

Abu Dhabi Industrial City Distances
Mussafah Port: 17 km
Khalifa Port: 62 km
Abu Dhabi International Airport: 26 km
Ruwais: 195 km
Abu Dhabi City: 33 km
Saudi Arabia Border: 330 km

Al Ain Industrial City Distances
Al Ain International Airport: 24 km
Ruwais: 333 km
Abu Dhabi City: 164 km
Saudi Arabia Border: 463 km
Mussafah Port: 152 km
Jebel Ali Port: 162 km

World-class Infrastructure

Excellent Business Environment

Administrative Efficiencies