World-class Infrastructure

Providing a nurturing industrial ecosystem

Through investments in excess of $1 Billion, ZonesCorp has developed infrastructure not only capable of accommodating, but exceeding the expectations of international industrial investors. Our zones have been created to adapt and conform to the full spectrum of sector-specific requirements across each industry.

Our extensive selection of industrial plots  all benefit from central connections to the major highways and road networks, airports, rail depots and sea ports. Investors may choose from the various plot sizes in different locations within our zones depending on the requirements of the industry. Plots are connected with power, water, natural gas, telecommunication and sewage services.

Each zone’s master plan takes into account the impact of transportation and a range of other conditions so as to ensure the working environment in each area is appropriate for the businesses to be located within. By offering logistics services in close proximity to operations, businesses are able to focus on their core missions while benefiting from higher levels of quality logistics, improved access to value-added services and reductions in costs.

Our industrial zones are located in the outer metropolitan areas ensuring that a wide range of quality accommodation and living amenities are available for middle and senior managers.

Located no more than a 10 minute drive from our zones, our worker residential cities can house up to 450,000 employees.

ZonesCorp provides a cluster-based industrial ecosystem that creates synergies, enhances efficiencies, value chain benefits and nurtures growth.

  • State-of-the-art, fit-for-purpose infrastructure
  • A variety of readily available industrial plots in prime locations
  • Fast and efficient connections to main highways, airports, ports and railway connections
  • Plots connected to all utilities (telecommunication, water, gas, electricity and sewage)
  • Broad range of facilities for logistics and services
  • Close proximity to fully developed residential communities and facilities, including schools, universities, hospitals, and commercial centres

“ZonesCorp’s investor-centric approach in providing innovative solutions tailored to our specific requirements, along with its unwavering support from project conceptualization to operation, has enabled us to establish our facility in record time. Their integrated industrial ecosystem complemented by a dedicated plug-and-play infrastructure provides unparalleled access to a vibrant, globally connected market of suppliers and customers, helping drive efficiency and lower operating costs.”

Khalid Kalban – Chairman Emirates Float Glass

Excellent Business Environment

Administrative Efficiencies

Strategic Locations